I have seen a lot of bands and acts live and in concert. But to introduce Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Grammy award-winning, BET award-winning and one of the greatest acts on the planet last weekend at Legends Casino Hotel was a dream come true.

I have only been able to see the Four Tops in concert. But I never in a million years thought that I would be able to introduce them. And not just your run-of-the-mill, stand up on stage and talk five minutes before the show starts, but to actually introduce them and have them come out on stage right then. That does not happen every day.

When I introduced the orchestra of the Four Tops, they cranked up the music right then. I have never been more honored in all my many years in radio! When I was done and I walked off stage, I seriously had tears in my eyes. One of the best moments in my life!

John Patzer
John Patzer Photography

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