Ooh, wee, I sure do hate potholes and I know that is something we can all agree on.

How come it seems that every time one pothole gets fixed, another one pops up unexpectedly someplace else? Potholes just ain't cool, man, and it frustrates the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] out of me that in the year 2020, no one has invented something to prevent them from occurring, to begin with!

Last year, there was a story about this guy named Chris Haley who had to shell out $700 to fix the damage that gave his car havoc because of potholes. SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS?! Yikes!

Then there is this guy named Kevin Martin who had ALL FOUR of his tires blowout because he accidentally drove over some potholes. He had to buy brand new tires that cost him $600 of his hard-earned dollars. I bet Kevin was LIVID, I know I would be!

What can we do to "fix" this pothole situation in Yakima County?

We could contact the pothole helpline and make a complaint, but that is going to take them a lot of waiting time.

Kevin took matters into his own hands by heading up to his local hardware and garden store, buying some potting soil, and a bunch of Christmas trees. He went up to several potholes and planted the trees inside them. The city he lived in (North Attleboro, Massachusetts) got the hint and quickly fixed the gaping road wounds.

Do you think that would work out here, ha, ha?

Where have you recently spotted some "Holy Road Hazards", Batman?

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