A newly single dad believes he can find better romantic connections than on a dating app by cruising around town with a "just divorced" sign attached to his car.

Angus Kennedy, 58, was previously married to his wife Sophie, 47, for 23 years. The couple share five children together.

While their split was amicable, after their divorce Kennedy wanted to mark the occasion and potentially spark new romance.

"Divorce doesn't always have to be doom and gloom ... it can be a celebration of a new start. Me and Sophie are still friends. The relationship just broke down. But there is no animosity there," Kennedy told The Mirror.

After their divorce was finalized in January, Kennedy "thought doing the car up with be a funny way to celebrate." So, he gave his Subaru a makeover.

Kennedy began writing phrases such as "freedom" and "honk if you are single" on his vehicle.

Eventually, he added a "just divorced" sign on the trunk of his car along with some fake roses.

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"The whole idea was to have a bit of fun with it. It wasn't an anti-marriage campaign," Kennedy told The Mirror.

Since getting divorced, Kennedy has met "countless lonely people who feel they can't have another relationship because they are so broken," so he's made it his "mission to help them."

"It's battering going through a divorce, and the celebration was a way of helping me find myself. You have got to love yourself before expecting someone to love you," he shared.

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