Would you like a chance to speak to a local lawmaker before the Washington State legislative session starts? Your chance comes Tuesday. With the legislative session set to start on January 9 in Olympia lawmakers are collecting concerns from state residents to take to Olympia. Many people are concerned about crime and want more officers fighting crime on city streets.

Republicans are determined to change reform laws

Many republicans say they plan to tackle some of the police reform laws that tied officers hands in 2022.
But maybe crime isn't on the top of your list of what you'd like to see lawmakers handle in the upcoming legislative session.

Will assault weapons be banned in the upcoming session?

The governor and democrats want major legislation to ban assault weapons in the state. The Alliance for Gun Responsibility is pushing the ban saying it's the top agenda item for the session. If you're concerned about gun rights and the increase in crime you might want to take your concerns to the internet tonight and speak with local lawmakers. Lawmakers will also be dealing with the state budget, homelessness, housing and a growing gas tax.

You'll need to preregister so check the link

Rep. Gina Mosbrucker and Senator Curtis King are holding the online listening tour from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 3. Bring your questions and concerns and check the link for the Zoom session. You'll need to pre-register here https://leg-wa-gov.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_7bAtiptSRpSPxFAdDFVWPg

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