King Combs is reaching for the stars. Diddy’s son is taking a page from his influential father and remixed The Weeknd’s chart-topping track, “Starboy.”

King Combs, whose real name is Christian Combs, didn’t tamper with the instrumental instead he relayed his cool vibes over the piano-driven, electro-pop beat. Spitting in a flow reminiscent of Mase, the 18-year-old raps about copping cars and seducing babes.

“I’ma star I know you get the memo / Yellin’ money ain’t a thing out the limo / Hot boy, rock ice and cop toys / I be in the caribbean, pretty women cinnamon what,” he brags.

Later, King Combs re-flips a verse from his father’s “Mo Money, Mo Problems” track as a hat-tip to the Bad Boy legacy. “Smooth like the Roc boy / But I’m a Bad Boy / 20 years from now, we’ll still be on top / I’m a star, boy,” he spits.

Last year, King Combs signed his first record deal with Bad Boy/Epic Records on his 18th birthday. He followed that up with the release of two singles, "Party" and "One for Me."

Now it looks like King Combs is ready for the spotlight and shine like a star, boy. Peep the song above.

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