Kevin Gates made an explosive appearance on an episode of All Elite Wrestling's Fyter Fest Night 3 and laid the smackdown on wrestler Tony Nese.

The AEW's latest episode of Dynamite went down last night (July 20), and rapper Kevin Gates was front-and-center sitting ringside for the action. During a celebration for tag team duo Swerve In Our Glory, the group pointed the rapper out in the crowd. However, things went left after Mark Sterling and Tony Nese bum-rushed the event.

Sterling and Nese approached Kevin Gates with a petition to remove Strick from the AEW and tried to convince him to sign it. The Khaza rapper refused and Sterling reacted by dissing Gates.

"You know, I thought you'd say that," Sterling reacted to Kevin Gates' refusal. "Because just like Swerve Strickland, you're untrustworthy and your music sucks!"

Sterling punctuated his sentence by poking Gates in the shoulder. The Louisiana MC then stepped from behind a barrier to confront Sterling who hid behind Tony Nese and threatened sue if Gates laid a finger on him. With Nese barking in his face, Kevin grabbed Nese's necklace and delivered a swift right hand, laying Nese out cold.

Kevin Gates, who has been making some headline-grabbing statements in interviews on wax recently, is on the heels of releasing his third album Khaza.

Last month, the AEW had another hip-hop moment when someone randomly brought a "YoungBoy Better" sign and waved it around during Maxwell Jacob Friedman's ring entrance.

Watch Kevin Gates Punch Tony Nese on AEW's Dynamite Below

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