Today (July 13) is National French Fry Day in honor of the world's favorite food. There are curly fries, straight fries, short cut, long cut, flat and fat. There are so many variety of fries out there that it is almost ridiculous!But where is the best place to get french fries in the Yakima Valley? Here are my top five picks,  If you think your fries are better ... bring me some!

  • 1

    Ron's Tacos and Burgers

    My number one pick for the best french fry's and ice cream any where!

  • 2

    Kings Row in Selah

    Kings Row has some awesome french fries and ice cream!

  • 3

    Outback Steakhouse

    They may be frozen french fries, but they still taste good!

  • 4

    Major's Burgers and Fries

    Major's has beer battered fries that are to die for!

  • 5

    Miner's Burgers

    Minors has a big bag of fries!