Did you use baby powder on your kids back in the day? Well, even though it wasn't in the ingredients they knew it had asbestos in it -- and they've known for a long, long time.

Business Insider reported on this earlier this morning and it certainly caught my attention quickly. It'd be one thing if they found trace amounts that was a new discovery to them or did a recall, but the fact they knew about this for so long is alarming.

The really alarming part was how someone found out.

Darlene Coker had cancer and other signs that are usually associated with being around asbestos. She ran a massage school in Texas. Hardly a chance to be around asbestos in a situation like that. As it turns out, she has been using baby powder for years, not just for her daughters but for herself. She ended up hiring a lawyer who narrowed it down to the baby powder. Although the initial case was thrown out as Johnson and Johnson denied it and they had no other proof.

It wasn't until much later memos came out proving otherwise.

You can read more via Business Insider, but this is alarming. I never use this nor did I for my children, but I know several who have. Time to do some more research.

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