The HBO comedy series Silicon Valley has some devoted fans, but perhaps none more committed than those shipping their favorite characters in some delightfully romantic fan art.

Art and shipping are two aspects of fandom that have been around a long time but truly exploded into the public consciousness with the advent of Tumblr, Deviantart and dozens of other social media sites. Though larger properties like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones or The 100 certainly draw more attention, even simple comedies like Silicon Valley aren't immune from fans crafting their own storylines and romantic developments.

As James Corden showed star Thomas Middleditch on the Late Late Show last night, sometimes things can get a little steamy, and too hot for even late night TV. Gotta admire the creativity in censorship though.

Oh Emma Watson, only you could make not knowing two bland middle-aged white guys seem so charmingly effortless. It's hard to stay mad at such a delightful British star, even when she doesn't know that Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel aren't the same person. What serves for some surefire embarrassment for The Circle star was clearly quite humbling for the then Late Night host.

It's all good fun for the two of them now, even if Fallon is still a bit uneasy about the fact that he's not quite as memorable as he likes to think he is.

LL Cool J was at the forefront of the hip hop movement in the MTV era, and as such was there when the world outside of New York didn't quite know what exactly hip hop was. It's easy for those of us old enough to remember that hip hop wasn't always a known quantity that permeated the public consciousness, but hearing it from LL's lips as a man who lived it is something else entirely.

Aidy Bryant is one of our favorite SNL stars, but even she sometimes can't tell when she's being pranked... or not. Such was the case with the comedian's engagement, which caught Bryant so off guard she couldn't quite believe it was happening. After hearing how frantic her fiance sounded and acted that night, it's no wonder. At least the two are happy together... we think.

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