Ted Nugent has reportedly been suspended from Facebook.

The firebrand rocker took to a different social media platform, X (previously Twitter), to address the situation.

“The Facebook commies have censored me,” Nugent declared in a self-shot video. “Censorship has always been a plus for the human species when you shut someone down that you’re incapable of debating with.”

Nugent has come under fire on many occasions for his extreme right-wing views, including his support of gun rights and unwavering passion for indicted ex-president Donald Trump. The guitarist’s commentary on such polarizing topics as religious freedom, racism and LGBTQ rights has angered many while endearing him to others. It is not known what action, if any, caused Nugent to lose his Facebook account.

In the video, Nugent rattled off a long list of rallying cries, saying: “It’s Uncle Ted with my truth logic, common sense, we the people, good over evil, self-defense, God, family, country, constitution, Bill of Rights, ten commandments, golden rule, Declaration of Independence, the great white buffalo of the swirling dust of the American dream arena, where we stumble but we get right back up instantly. Put our heart and soul into being the best that we can be and supporting and demanding law and order. All that radical stuff. Ted Nugent, radical extremist, daring to experiment in self-government, reporting for duty on the big X.”

You can watch the video below.

In a separate video, posted to Nugent’s Instagram account, the 74-year-old guitarist again railed against his Facebook suspension.

“I’ve been censored, banished from Facebook. You know why? Cuz the Nazis don’t like my Schindler’s list. Good over evil,” Nugent declared. (Instagram, it should be noted, is owned by Meta, the same parent company as Facebook.)

Nugent is in the middle of his farewell tour, which runs through September.

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