Metallica delivered on their "No Repeat Weekend" vow on Saturday in Amsterdam, performing a 16-song set list that didn't repeat a single track from the band's Thursday night show at the same venue.

You can see videos and the full set list from the show below.

As they did on Thursday night, James Hetfield and Co. opened with an instrumental, this time "The Call of Ktulu" from 1984's Ride the Lightning. They performed on a ring-shaped stage that allowed a large number of fans to watch from inside an enlarged version of the 1991-92 Wherever We May Roam Tour's "snakepit," with speakers hanging from wires strung between large video screen-topped towers surrounding the stage.

Matching up to Thursday night in another way, Metallica again performed three songs from their newly released 72 Seasons album: "If Darkness Had a Son," "You Must Burn!" and the title track. They also broke out Load's "Until it Sleeps" for the first time in nearly 15 years, before closing out the weekend with a powerful closing duo of "One" and "Enter Sandman."

Watch Metallica Perform 'The Call of Ktulu'

Metallica will next bring their M72 'No Repeat Weekend' tour to Paris for shows at the Stade De France on May 17 and 19th. The tour's first dates in America are scheduled for Aug. 4 and 6 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Aug. 18 and 20 shows from Arlington, Texas, will be broadcast in movie theaters across the world.

Watch Metallica Perform '72 Seasons'

Metallica, 4/29/23, Johan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam
"The Call of Ktulu"
"Creeping Death"
"Leper Messiah"
"Until it Sleeps"
"72 Seasons"
"If Darkness Had a Son"
"Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"
"You Must Burn!"
"The Unforgiven"
"Wherever I May Roam"
"Harvester of Sorrow"
"Moth Into Flame"
"Fight Fire With Fire"
"Whiskey in the Jar"
"Enter Sandman"

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