Washington is one state that's perfect for raising a family and watching your kids become upstanding young adults with an appreciation of the natural beauty around them. It's loved by so many people who wouldn't move for the world, but that doesn't mean some people hate it here.

So we did some digging and asked people around town, what the worst thing about living in Washington state was, honestly we were surprised by a couple of answers, but some just dragged on and on with a singular topic in mind. We decided to write it all down so others can see why people hate living in Washington State, especially those considering moving here.

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4.) Overpopulated

Overpopulation isn't the first thing that comes to mind when visiting Washington, however, if you've lived here for some time you've definitely noticed the boom in people moving here. Whether it be for work, our way of life, or just simply wanting to start over in a new place.

Roads are more crowded now than ever before making what used to be a half-hour trip to Seattle become an hour-and-a-half drive. People have claimed to have moved due to this and everything is overpriced due to the immense amount of people who have moved here.

3.) Taxation

People can't stand seeing their paycheck dip lower and lower with every new tax put into place. Washington is also one of the most taxed states in the country, making it hard to save up money for those working the average 9-5.

2.) Car Tabs

On the topic of taxes, Washington passed taxation for public transportation and build a light rail that will travel through western Washington. These taxes were implemented on Car tabs instead of coming out of our paychecks. Car tabs went from costing people around $30-$60 dollars to anywhere around $150-$400 dollars depending on the vehicle.

1.) Government 

You guessed it, sitting at number 1 is the government, one of the most complained about things in Washington state are those who are in power. Whether people are upset over car tabs, taxes, or just decisions in running our state. Those who have issues have tried to take their grievances to elected officials with no such luck..

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