With the new Disney movie, Trolls: Yet Another Trolls Movie,  dropping this weekend, it got me thinking about how much Disney movies really mean to us. The impact of these movies have stirred up our imaginations and pulled on our heartstrings, particularly with the Disney movie, UP.


KIVYYB via Amazon Google Street View
KIVYYB via Amazon Google Street View

I’ve seen the movie UP a couple of times and I always end up sobbing by the end of it. I love how *spoiler alert* the little boy (Russell) and a widowed old man (Carl) team up to save the house from demolition by greedy landowners. The man and the young ”Wilderness Explorer” scout go on an adventure along with the old man’s dog, Dug, and a large bird, Kevin, (who can both talk, by the way).


Edith Macefield bought her home in 1952 for a reported $3,750. Her home was in danger of being demolished because a land developer bought the properties on both sides of her house. She refused to give up her house, and thus, a shero was born. When she passed away, she allegedly transferred the deed to a kind construction worker since she had no living next of kin.

Fans of the movie UP often leave balloons tied to the gate of the house. It’s located in the Ballard neighborhood, a place that has been overcome with gentrification over the last decade or so.

This house is over 100 years old! It has changed ownership over the years and reportedly now belongs to the developers of the Ballard Blocks shopping center.

A replica of the actual house from the movie UP is in Herriman, UT. 

UP House Replica in Herriman UT
Google Street View
The UP House Replica is in Herriman, UT
Google Street View

A Look Over the Years at the Ballard House That Inspired the Disney Movie UP

Edith Macefield House is located in Seattle at 1438 NW 46th St.

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby

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