With Thanksgiving coming up, you wouldn't really think of what to buy someone else as a gift as there's basically an entire holiday that's reserved for a mass gift giving extravaganza.

But one holiday shouldn't be the only time for giving gifts. You should give gifts any time of year!

I mean, it's in the name, Thanks Giving. It literally says giving in the title. Sure, you're giving thanks, which is free, but everyone loves an unexpected surprise. Since nobody is expecting a literal gift on Thanksgiving it may not be bad to give one as it's always nice to receive one.

Apple Pie

Homemade Apple Pie
Photo by Kavya P K on Unsplash

Especially if someone else is doing the cooking, nobody will decline an apple pie, or shouldn't, for any reason.



For the same reason. Wine always makes a great gift. If they don't drink, they'll know someone who does and can regift as needed.


Blankets are one of those things that you may rarely buy for yourself but always appreciate. Just in time for the colder months ahead, too.


RHS Chelsea Flower Show Opens Its Gates To The Public
Getty Images

Grab a nice flower arrangement for the perfect centerpiece for the Thanksgiving meal.

Do The Dishes

Open dishwasher with dirty dishes and surrounding cabinets

This one is free and will mean the world for anyone who had to cook, and was then planning on cleaning afterwards. They'll love you for it.

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