We have a few Safeway stores around Yakima. Nice and convenient, easy to pop in and out for any occasion and grab what you need. For me I always find myself going down the cereal aisle and, like clockwork, find myself ending up in the bakery grabbing bread or hot dog buns and the occasional slice of cake to go.
One thing I noticed just the other day is that the Safeway on Summitview has this discount rack with, from what I observed, just about all or all items were 50% off, and it's in a location that barely anyone knows about.
One one hand, good news for me to get the discounts before others, but I couldn't keep this a secret so I figured I'd let you know about it, too.

If you find yourself frequenting the Safeway on Summitview, you'll find these shelves by the restrooms just down the hallway in the Bakery section.

Why they put it here, I'll never know. You'd figure it'd be more prominent but here we are.

I saw soup, sunscreen (probably overstock from summer ending), breakfast cereal, pasta noodles and a lot more, all at 50% off.

These items aren't expired, they're just past date from when they were shelved so you may be able to find some items you can keep in the pantry for a long time as needed, and at a fraction of the cost.

Next time you're at Safeway on Summitview, even if you don't need to use the restroom, head down that hallway and you'll find it. Super neat.

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