Do you consider yourself in a particular class? Maybe you have a decent job and a nice house so you may find yourself as upper class or perhaps you're just doing the best you can looking for a job so you consider yourself lower class. As far as income levels are concerned, how much does it take to be considered to be in one class or another? Well, We have some stats that may shine some light on that idea.

I've heard some basic stereotypes like upper class knows the flight schedule, lower class knows the bus schedule but middle class knows where to find the cheapest gas in town. And ideas like upper class is concerned for how their food is presented, middle class is concerned if there's enough food and lower class is concerned if there's food at all. I mean, I guess it kinda makes sense but what about what makes "middle class" middle class?

A middle-class household in Washington State is income between $54,455 and $162,406.

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Do you fall in that bracket? Me, personally, there was definitely a time when I was considered lower class but I never felt like it. I wouldn't even know what that feeling would feel like. Sure, there was a time when would mix pasta noodles with a canned soup to make it last longer but I never felt like I needed the world. Curious to see that, as far as Washington state goes, this income bracket is considered middle class. Especially if you're making 6 figures. I'd imagine that would be pretty good for someone in a town like Yakima. Seattle, and their prices of everything, that could be another story.

Despite being considered "poor", many people continue to live in WA because the quality of life is better than most even though the tradeoff is a higher cost of living.

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I could see this being a thing. Of course, yes, your money will go a lot further in other areas but is that worth how great Washington State is? We have the freshest product, clean air, and convenient outdoor lifestyle activities - I wouldn't trade that for anything.

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Other factors in what incomes are considered "middle class" include your family size and your debt-to-income ratio.

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Debt is an unforgiving spiral to go down. I've been there and it's not fun. When you get a credit card, learn how easy it is to use and find yourself barely making the minimum payments to keep up it can certainly add up trying to climb back out of debt. You could be making more than you're used to but when so much of your paycheck is going to pay off your credit card little by little, it's rough. And never mind student loans or things of that nature.

No matter what class you find yourself in, know that you're amazing and awesome and we're all in it together.

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