Flag football has been a staple sport in schools for years. Though many schools offer girls flag football as an option, the Seattle Seahawks along with the National Football League have been trying to make girls flag football an officially sanctioned sport for schools.

So it went to vote to the WIAA - the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association.

60% of Votes Needed to Approve the Amendment

To get girls flag football to pass the vote, they needed 60% for the approval.

The voting came up short this time.

According to King5, one reason was because public schools were already on a tight budget and adding another sport wouldn't be a good idea at that time.

Girls Flag Football Isn't Going Away

This does not mean girls flag football is going away. I mean, after all, it's lasted this long without it being sanctioned.

This just means there won't be any WIAA state sanctioned championships. But it doesn't mean local school can't still hold their own championships or anything like that.

King5 goes on to report that Puyallup has several times ready to go with tryouts this month for their schools to do their own thing.

Any school could do their own thing as needed, if needed, as well.

With increased support and added outcry from those wishing to participate, especially the parents with children who wish for their kids to be involved, I could see this going back to vote for the WIAA in the future.

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