Crumbl took the world by storm with their famous cookies, huge, soft, moist, gourmet even. With a menu that keeps on changing to bring us a bite of every cookie imaginable what could go wrong?

Well as it turns out Crumbl has been caught breaking some severe laws and ones that involve their younger workers. They're now facing backlash from the Better Business Beuro and consumers everywhere. The reasoning has to do with Child Labor Laws that have been broken in multiple states including Washington.

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Teenagers can start working at the age of 15 with a permit or legally at 16. Tho they can lawfully work there are plenty of things they're not allowed to do. Hence why Crumbl has gotten in so much trouble recently. Undercover customers have been going to multiple locations looking for anything that may seem illegal. Crumbl has been big on hiring young folk looking to start their job searches and give back to their communities. However, some of the tasks they have these teens doing is landing them in hot water.

This includes using industrial ovens and working with heavy or dangerous equipment. Multiple stores across the country including Washington have been nailed for allowing under-18-year-old employees to work these appliances while older employees were doing the lighter work.

Some say the kids in these situations have been taken advantage of by older employees while others say no one had any idea of the laws stating such rules. We have no confirmation on which stores were found guilty but we do know action is being taken.

Do you think these laws are fair? Should they be reviewed in today's modern age and heavy use of machinery and computers?


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