Some of you are feeding us wrong and my hummingbird brothers and sisters are dying because of it!

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To the People with Hummingbird Feeders in Washington State

As a member of the Washington State hummingbird population, I want to thank the citizens filling hummingbird feeders all across the state and feeding us your wonderful sugar water. The problem is that some hummingbird feeders have been filled with the wrong solution which causes us hummingbirds to develop a fungus infection in our mouths that can kill us. All 4 of the species of hummingbirds that you can find in Washington State are endangered by this mostly unknown danger to my species. There is only 1 special mixture you should ever feed hummingbirds, in case you didn't know.



As a hummingbird, I love anything sweet. The problem is that I am not smart enough to realize the sweet foods good for me from the sweet foods that can kill me. If you are mixing food for us, use only 4 parts water mixed with 1 part of plain white sugar. Any other type of sugar is not good for hummingbirds and can easily kill us. Raw, brown, or natural sugars contain minerals like iron, and hummingbirds can't handle it. Brown sugar is white sugar that has molasses added to it which is also rich in iron. Agave nectar also contains iron. The hummingbirds developed crystals in their mouths which can lead to a fungal spore infection on their tongues and eventually death. If you have ever seen a hummingbird with its tongue hanging out, it is because of a crystal fungus infection identified as Hummers Candidiasis. Some other things to think about concerning feeding hummingbirds in Washington State:

1 - Cane sugar is mostly only recommended, although beet sugar is okay.

2 - Do not use any other sugar — not turbinado, brown sugar, OR ESPECIALLY ORGANIC SUGAR! Never use honey or artificial sweeteners.

3 - Spring water is preferred, but most tap water is acceptable.

4 - If bees are being attracted, dilute the mixture to five cups of water for every one cup of sugar.

5 - In the fall, wait until you haven't seen even one hummingbird for three weeks before taking your feeders down.

Thanks for listening... Jay Da Hummingbird

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