Harsh words are for the person who abandoned their vehicle on the Blue Bridge.

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And if you were stuck in Saturday's horrendous traffic backup, I'm sorry. That backup was caused by this person's mistake or stupidity. Going off WSP Trooper Chris Thorson's tweet of finding a falsified trip permit, my guess is that the person responsible may be facing charges.

I had always heard that it was against the law to run out of gas on a bridge.

In fact, it is unlawful to leave a vehicle unattended on a highway in Washington. It's considered illegal parking to abandon your vehicle on a Washington highway.

What should you do if you're stalled on a bridge?

According to Trooper Thorson,  you should call 9 1 1. They'll send an Incident Response Truck to get your vehicle out of the way and help get you assistance with a towing service. That's what this person should have done. I'm pretty sure they'll NEVER leave their vehicle left unattended again. What are your thoughts?

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