America’s Lowest-Rated Grocery Store is in Washington


The American Customer Satisfaction Index has been looking at what you, the American consumer think about national and local companies since 1994.  


The latest 2024 ratings on grocery store satisfaction have just been released. 


On top with an 85% approval rating is Costco (up 3% from 2023.) 


Coming in 4th place nationally and the second highest-rated grocery chain in the state of Washington is Trader Joe’s, remaining unchanged in customer satisfaction from 2023 - with an 84% rating.


The 7th highest-rated place (3rd best in WA) to get groceries - and yes, I have purchased groceries here - is Target, with an 82% customer approval rating.


Whole Foods, now owned by Amazon, came in 9th place nationally (4th overall in WA.) It too has an 82% customer rating.


ShopRite - with locations in Seattle - has an 80% customer service rating. ShopRite is the 5th overall rated place to get groceries in Washington - 12th nationally.


All the above stores came in above the 79% national average. 


Albertson’s customer ranking finished below average at 78% - the 6th highest-rated Washington grocery store (13th nationally.)


Kroger’s (Fred Meyer) customer rating sits at 77% - 16th in America, and 7th in WA.


Coming in 19th - at the bottom of the published list was Walmart

Walmart is currently the 19th-ranked store for customer satisfaction - and the 8th national grocery chain in Washington. 

Walmart's satisfaction rating is 74%, up from a 71% approval rating in 2023. There are 64 Walmarts in the State of Washington. They are an important affordable option for low-income families trying to stretch their dollars monthly. 


Click this link for the full report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. 

The ratings are based on the following criteria:

Convenience of store hours
Ease of pickup process
Accuracy of order fulfillment for pickup
Convenience of store location
Quality of mobile app
Ability to provide brand names
Quality and freshness of meat and produce
Reliability of mobile app (minimal downtime, crashes, lags)
Website satisfaction
Layout and cleanliness of the store
Speed of order readiness for pickup
Variety and selection of merchandise
Availability of merchandise (inventory stocks)
Courtesy and helpfulness of the staff
Quality of pharmacy services
Frequency of sales and promotions
Call center satisfaction
Speed of checkout process

INFO: American Customer Satisfaction Index

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