Fact. Women in Washington and Oregon pay more for auto insurance than men.

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Women in Washington pay $103 more in annual premiums than men. Why do women pay more than men? According to a report from Lending Tree:

Women pay more annually than men for auto insurance in 37 states. Nationally, women pay an average of $32 more annually than men. By state, that gap is biggest in Florida ($199), Oregon ($130) and Delaware ($118). Men pay more in seven states, with Wyoming having the biggest gap at $31, followed by Vermont and Ohio at $27 for both.

Men and women pay the highest premiums in Michigan, averaging $3814 annually.

Canva-Patti Bannerf
Canva-Patti Bannerf

That high cost can largely be attributed to the state’s no-fault law, which results in high insurance claim payouts, especially for personal injury protection (PIP) claims. These payouts are among the highest in the country. The state also has high minimum insurance requirements, which means higher prices for more required coverage.

Florida comes in 2nd highest, with women paying an average of $2,687 and men pay $2,488. Nevada comes in 3rd, where women pay $2,481 and men pay $2,371 anually.

Where do people pay the lowest for auto insurance?

Women and men pay the least for auto insurance in Vermont, Maine, and Idaho. Women in Vermont average $687 yearly, while men pay $714. In Maine, women pay $747 with men paying $771. And, in Idaho, women pay an average of $780, while men pay $768.

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