Spring is in the air. Time to plan your camping trips, road trips, vacations or whatever you do when nice weather hits. What follows nice weather, though, is not always nice. Those pesky mosquitos!

Ever since I have moved here, I called this place “Jurassic Yakima Valley!” I say this because every animal and insect is bigger than anywhere else I have lived, including Montana! (Although they are all pretty big there, too.) The mosquitoes in Yakima are the biggest I have ever seen. They do not really like biting me but, they love everyone else.

The repellent Off works, however, and thanks to the internet, I’ve made another important discovery: burning coffee grounds really does work as a repellent! Get those pesky creatures out of your way! I did it and it worked.

One word of caution, though: Snakes love those old grounds. So watch out ...

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