Yakima Valley Libraries always have something going on. I keep forgetting to go most of the time due to being super busy. But I am not going to miss the event that the library at 102 N. Third St. has going on tonight (April 27). Isaac Marion, who wrote "Warm Bodies," will speak at 7 p.m. The book is fantastic. I read it because my girls were about to read it and I wanted to know what the heck they were reading. I am glad I did. Marion is a fantastic storyteller. The book is about a guy who is undead. I know, I know. Another undead story. But, he tells of a kid undead like no other undead story I have read. It is a teenage kind of a book, but with some remarkable "want to be an adult" twists. I also wish that they would have never made a movie about it. The movie was too "I want to be just like 'Twilight Saga!'" At least that is how I felt when I watched. Blah.

Not Isaac's fault, though. I am looking forward to hearing his side of the book and his opinion of the movie, as well.

Yakima Libraries always have a range of things to do. And just like my mama used to say, "Reading is fundamental!"

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