If you've ever been to a wedding with a minister who didn't quite look like a minister it's because they got ordained to bring their closest friends in the world together in holy matrimony. You can do this too with some easy and simple steps.

First things first are to look up the local laws where you live and make sure you're qualified to become ordained. In the state of Washington, it's actually quite easy. You can become a registered Minister thru the Universal Life Church online.

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That's right you can get ordained from the comfort of your own home, and with this ordained ministry you can perform weddings anywhere in the state of Washington and many other states across the country, you're far from limited once you do this.

You can decide to go all out and use the site to get your official license sent in the mail, you can even purchase a minister's outfit and garments, depending on how hard you want to sell it. There isn't really a dress code for being a minister as we kinda established earlier. Once you have your license it's good for a minimum of five years, you can get reordained for no charge to you as well.

For more information or to get ordained just follow the link attached!

Get Ordained Today with Universal Life Church! 


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