One of the discoveries about Yakima is the plethora of coffee huts / houses all over town. Just in Yakima alone, there are over 45 coffee huts / houses for your drinking pleasure - and one that caters to your viewing pleasure - that would be Moulin Brew. 

Located on the East side @ 2412 S 1st St Yakima, has your coffee with a taste of ‘adultness’

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This is how we discovered it. We were running errands recently and Lisa wanted some coffee. We were in Union Gap when we spotted a drive-up coffee hut. We pulled up to the dark building adorned with a logo similar to the movie 'Moulin Rouge', that inspired it coffee cousins namesake, Moulin Brew.

Before pulling up to the window, we noticed a sign that was very clear that "No photos or videos can be taken". Thinking that was odd for a coffee house, we pulled up to the window - it became very clear why the sign was there - our barista wasn't wearing much your normal barista fair. No she was wearing lingerie.

48. “Coffee is not for kids.” (S4E11)


Our barista was wearing lingerie that inspired by the movie 'Moulin Rouge' Yep, that's their thing at Moulin Brew.

She was nice, cheery, warm and friendly. What she was wearing was not tacky or dated. She looked classy, most of all - she was having fun!

She took our drink order. I spent most of my time trying to avoid awkward eye contact with our adult pajama wearing barista, because I don't wanna be "THAT GUY". Lisa's reaction however was priceless as we were both kinda shocked. We were not expecting our barista to be wearing fishnets and high heels, but hey - it happens.

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Our fish netted barista engaged us in conversation, "What are you both out doing today?"

Oh nothing. Just running errands and getting coffee from a mostly naked barista. What are you doing?

We got our drinks, thanked her and drove off. Moulin Brews coffee is pretty good. They hold a 4.3 rating on Yelp. Of course most of the reviews are guys. I gotta say, this was one of the most unique coffee experiences I have ever had and makes Yakima even more interesting and now, more entertaining. 


All My Best,

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