There is a hot dog eating contest happening this weekend in Yakima. In fact, there are not one but two hot dog eating contests happening at two different breweries.

The first Hot Dog Eating competition will be at Single Hill Brewery on Saturday and then on Sunday the Hot Dog Eating competition will be at the kiln. The reason for these fun contests is because there is a new company that is launching called Big Dogs Grill.

This is the opening weekend for the brand-new foodery and it is sponsored by The Public House of Yakima which is another brewery located in town.

The Hot Dog Eating competition contestants will have five minutes to eat as many hot dogs as they possibly can for a chance to win $200 in cash. Bigdogz Grill is a local family-owned business that will be serving gourmet hot dogs and kosher hot dogs at area breweries. For more information, click here.

This reminds me of a TV episode I recently watched. If you watch the show Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO Max, then you may recall in this past season Patton Oswalt's character on the show was dating this lady and wanted to impress her.

Larry David gave Patton's character some horrible dating advice, telling him to let the lady know he couldn't eat dinner at a dinner party because he was training for an upcoming hot dog eating contest. The ruse worked, and it worked so well that Larry David decided to use the same excuse to get out of eating at another dinner party. In the end, Larry and Patton both had to sign up and participate in a real hot dog eating contest to avoid being seen as the stone-cold liars they were. That was such a funny episode and I highly recommend you check it out if you have HBOMAX.

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