Holy moly!

I was sitting here on my patio, minding my own business being nosy, when I saw an article from the Yakima Herald featuring my friend, Allison (the Corporate Communications Director of our local Tree Top) apple juice and applesauce plant.

I love Tree Top's apple juice. In fact, I just bought a jug of it at my local store the other day. It breaks my heart that some of our local neighbors working at the Selah plant have contracted the coronavirus. I hope that each one affected makes a speedy and healthy recovery, as I do any person who has contracted COVID-19!

I am relieved to know that because I know my friend is there, Tree Top is doing whatever it takes to get their plant sanitized and prepared to re-open safely on Monday, May 18th.

I have another friend who works at Tree Top, Rebecca. My heart goes out to the entire staff there because I know that COVID-19 is something that they have already anticipated dealing with. They will not mess around and will make sure we can get our favorite local apple juices and sauces available as soon as they safely can.

Thank you, Tree Top, and shout out to Allison and Rebecca!

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