The phones are busy and it seems like you can't get through to file your unemployment, but there is a little bit of good news for you.

If you are among the 48,000 in Benton-Franklin Counties that are trying to file for unemployment this week and can't seem to get through, there is some new news for you.

If you are worried that the delays will cost you money, don't fret. The Employment Office says that your pay will be retroactive to the day that you separated from your employer and not when you filed your unemployment.

Here is what the Employment Department said in a released statement:

We are experiencing unprecedented demand and, while hundreds of thousands have successfully filed new claims related to the COVID crisis, many others have not yet been able to complete their application process. Benefits will be paid from the time people separated from their job or otherwise became eligible under the CARES Act, not from the time the application was submitted or approved.

It's scary if you can't get your claim filed but at least you know that you'll get paid the full amount from the day you became unemployed compared to the day you finally get in and get your claim filed.

You can out more details here

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