I first heard about the American Brewhouse King Burger while scrolling through stuff on Facebook.

I saw a headline about the Anheuser-Busch company teaming up with Burger King for a commercial. The 30-second promo is a throwback to the old "Whazzup!" commercials that Budweiser beer had back in the '90s.

I watched the commercial and immediately drove over to the nearest Burger King to buy one of the burgers. I didn't see any signage for it anywhere on the building, so I decided to skip the drive-through and go inside to ask about it.

"Hi, do you have the Budweiser Burger here?" I asked.

"You mean the American Brewhouse King Burger?" the friendly cashier replied.

"The what?" I frowned in response. "No, I'm looking for the Beer Burger. You know, the one with the Budweiser in it?"

The cashier politely informed me that it is not called the "Budweiser Burger," and told me that the A.B.K. Burger has a special barbecue sauce and crispy onions on it and costs around $6.49. It is one of the biggest burgers I've ever seen at a Burger King. Sure enough, my favorite part of the sandwich is the crispy onions!

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