Don't you just hate it when you hop in the car to go grocery shopping, turn off your car and then realize that you left your face mask at home?

I can't count how many times I have done this. I always forget to take my mask off until I get into the house and then leave it on the end table by the front door.

Fortunately for us Forgetful Fionas, when we go grocery shopping THIS weekend, there will be someone passing out free face masks in the front of the store. They are doing this because we really, really, REALLY want Yakima County to get off of the "stay-at-home" list. We want to get to Phase 2 like all those other counties that have. So please, for goodness sake, stay home unless you have to leave, and when you DO leave, get a face mask!

Patrons can get one free 3-ply disposable mask per person at the following area grocery stores:
Grocery Outlet
Fred Meyer
Wray's Thriftway
Selah United Methodist Church (through Saturday, June 13th)

Click here to see the list of cities that KIMA-TV says will have your free face mask.

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