Gene Simmons predicted he’ll “cry like a young girl” when Kiss play their final show three years from now.

The bassist also said he didn’t know if he’d miss his iconic stage gear once the band complete its End of the Road farewell tour, which is expected to wind up sometime in 2022.

“On the pragmatic level, this tour is a victory lap,” Simmons told the London Evening Standard in a new interview. “You’re proud of what you’ve done. More gold records than any American band. You go to Graceland and there’s a Kiss exhibit. Yeah, that’s right. You go to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and there’s the Kiss star. But I know on the very last show I’m going to cry like a young girl.”

Asked if he’d miss his costume, which includes 40 pounds of clothing and eight-inch platform boots, he replied, “I don’t know. On the day that Superman decides to stop guarding the earth, he’s still Superman underneath, but will be miss that outfit? I don’t know.”

Simmons, who turns 70 next month, said his younger self would think “so far, so good” about his life to date, but he restated his conviction over ending his touring career. “It’s time," he noted. "This tour will take three years and I’ll be 72 when it finishes. That’s a good point to get off the stage. … I did five-mile walks almost every day for a year to get in shape.”

Last month, Simmons' bandmate Paul Stanley confirmed that the band knew when the road trip would end. "We do have a final date pretty much planned," he said. "We're not announcing it yet, but it would be crazy to have the End of the Road tour that never ends, so yes, it does end."

You can get more info on the tour here.



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