I've seen many "dumb criminal" reports in my time, but this one actually cracked me up while I was telling the story on the air in my segment, "Miss Me With That Mess".

WPTV reports that the Holiday Gas Station was robbed by an individual wearing a drawn on beard disguise. The Pasco County Sheriff's department is a $3000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the suspect:

The suspect is a heavy set white male in his 30-40's wearing a red bandana, long dark hair up in bandana, and a green army style pilot jump suit. The white male was wearing clear gloves and left in an unknown year, tan or brown Toyota extended cab truck. The suspect left south on US 19.

These Facebook comments I've seen on various posts on this story were the icing on the cake. I was hollering with laughter!

Sharpie should advertise this as one of its many uses. - Kerry Pinte

I bet he failed clown school ......... - David Balusek

How do you know the economy stinks......when would be robbers have to draw their disguises on. - Cynthia Mock

Looks like he had a not so smart sharpee moment. - Chi Chi Portalatin

Upon my own further review of the photograph police have released, it actually looks like a WOMAN who drew on a beard to thrwart off. What do you think?

Pasco County Sheriff Department