If you're going to make a big return, might as well make it a party! That's what's happening with former Panic! at the Disco guitarist Ryan Ross, who is putting together a prom-themed trek for his latest project, The Dead End Kids Club.

Ross exited Panic! at the Disco back in 2009 after contributing as guitarist and one of the band's songwriters on their first two albums. In the years since, he's worked in a variety of projects, but his latest has an interesting hook. The Dead End Kids Club pairs Ross with Z. Berg, Palm Springsteen and Dan Keyes as they venture out on their first annual fall ball.

The tour is described as "prom night the way it is in movies. It's a rascal caravan. It's a wandering waltz. It’s an American Medicine Show. It’s a traveling circus. It’s an interactive, immersive musical experience that is not just walking into a venue and seeing a couple of bands play their songs the way they’ve played them thousands of times before. It’s a live wire. It’s walking into a party thrown by your favorite musicians who also happen to be best friends and experiencing their world the way you would if you lived in it full time."

The tour is being crowdfunded through Roadnation.com, with fans ultimately deciding the itinerary. Fans are invited to pre-register for tickets and VIP bundle packages and once a city reached $2500 worth of tickets, that stop will be added to the tour. However, only 15 cities will be confirmed so it's worth it to get the campaign for the tour to come to your city started quickly.

It should be noted that The Dead End Kids Club is specifically targeting the southwestern U.S. for the initial run, viewing this crowdfunding touring as an experiment that will expand to other parts of the country if it works. If your city does not reach its goal, the fans won't be charged anything.

To see a list of cities currently in the running and to pre-register and lend your support, click here.


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