Presidents Day falls on Monday (Feb. 20). As it's a holiday for most, here are a few ways you can celebrate it in Yakima.

  • Spend Money

    Presidents are featured on our currency. By spending money, it's showing support for our nation's leaders from the past.

  • Drive on our president-named streets

    Washington, Lincoln and more. Many of our streets are named after presidents. Why not take a drive on said streets and see how far they go?

  • Play or Picnic at our president-named parks and schools

    We have Franklin Middle School, Eisenhower High School, McKinley Elementary School and more. Show some love and hang out there.

  • Take a trip, but stay in Washington state.

    Go on a quick getaway for the day, but you have to stay in Washington as we've never had a President Idaho or President Oregon, but we had a President Washington.

  • Live Free

    Basically, do whatever you feel like doing. That's the American dream.

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