After being broke for a week, hungry, sometimes it's nice to treat yourself to a buffet. I love buffets because I love the variety. Here are some great buffets in Yakima.

Old Country Buffet on South First in Union Gap (in front of Valley Mall)
This is a standard in Yakima. They have pretty much anything you're looking for from chicken to salad to tacos and more. The all-you-can-eat desserts and drinks always make it worth checking out.

Royal Buffet at 40th and Summitview
We have a few Asian buffets in Yakima. This is one I frequent because our radio stations are right across the street from it. Everything from General Tso Chicken to rice and noodles. Nice selection.

Asian Bistro at Rainier Square on 26th and Nob Hill
Like Royal Buffet, they're an Asian buffet with a decent selection. My daughter loves this one because they often serve octopus. Yeah, my daughter loves octopus.

Taj Palace at 28th and Nob Hill
Great for all-you-can-eat Indian cuisine. If Tandoori chicken and naan is your thing, you gotta check this place out. Great way to sample a little of everything to find out what you like or how much spice you can tolerate.

Legend's Casino in Toppenish
Another great place worth the drive if you don't live in Toppenish. Even if you don't care to go gambling, I've driven here just for the buffet. The breakfast buffet is the stuff of legends.

Of course there are more buffets than that here in Yakima, but who else am I missing? Let me know in the comments!

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