We have been getting a ton of requests to cover some of the abandoned buildings in downtown Yakima. The problem is there are too many of them to check out, and some of them are in areas we don't feel safe venturing into. As luck would have it, we did find a few that we will be focusing on till the end of the year.

No -- one of them is not the old Yakima Mall. But trust us, we would really love to check out that place if given the opportunity. (Hint, hint ...)

November is the kickoff to the holidays, and that usually means one thing: holiday shopping!  As luck would have it, we discovered Vida Rug and Furniture Gallery. You know, that empty spot that sits next door to Santiago's that has been vacant for eons? As a matter of fact, we don't even know when the place closed its doors -- it's been unoccupied for so long we thought it was some sort of archaeological storage.

We did notice a sign on the door stating that they were dealing with some maintenance issues. But upon further investigation, and a Google search, we discovered the place is "Permanently Closed."

That being said, here's what we documented on our visit downtown.

Vida Rug Gallery -- Downtown Yakima -- #AbandonedYakima


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