President-elect Donald Trump accused the Hamilton cast of harassing Vice-President Mike Pence the other night, but it looks like he’s the only one doing the harassment.

On Sunday morning (Nov. 20), Trump went on his Twitter account and slammed the Hamilton cast again for addressing Pence at Friday’s performance (Nov. 18). In an abrasive tweet, the 70-year-old politician said the musical's cast was “overrated” and that they should apologize to Pence immediately.

As we previously reported, Hamilton co-star Brandon Victor Dixon addressed Pence on a diverse America’s concerns that his new administration will not protect “us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights.”

On Fox News Sunday, Pence said he wasn’t offended by the gesture and understood that some people are upset with the end result of the national election. He also encouraged everyone to go see the musical.

In response to Trump's online harassment, Hamilton's official Twitter page posted Dixon's passionate speech he gave to Pence at Friday's show.

Trump wasn't done with the slander. He then tweeted his disdained for Saturday Night Live who ran another skit on the President-elect played by Alec Baldwin. He called the show "totally one-sided [and] biased, and "[not] funny at all."

We are still wondering how Trump finds the time to tweet when he is supposedly busy with choosing his Cabinet. Priorities, Mr. President, priorities.

Either way, props to the Hamilton cast for utilizing their free speech and addressing America's fears with both Trump and Pence heading into the Oval Office next year.

Watch Vice-President Elect Mike Pence Response to Hamilton Cast Comments