Yesterday, I went to the mall searching for a dress to wear to an "all white" event I'm going to next week in Los Angeles. While my daughter and I were out shopping, we went inside the Gymboree store, where apparently, everything was $12.99 or less.

We walked out of the shop with some cute new dresses, a pair of shoes, a hat, and a necklace for Willow. SCORE! After I had found the right dress for my event, we passed by the Gymboree store again. My daughter asked me if she could pose in the window like a model. I told her to ask the sales associates for permission, and they loved the idea.

We thought it was so funny and cute that she wanted to pretend to be a window model, so we quickly snapped up pictures for Instagram and Facebook. Looks like my kiddo is ready for the runway! You betta WERK!

We need a prominent modeling and casting agency in Yakima. Yes, I already know that all of the major ones are located in Seattle and Portland, but come on, who wants to drive 2+ hours every time you need to attend an audition or a go-see? Not THIS mom!

We really need to have a modeling agency in Yakima area that caters to Fashion, Industrial and Runway models. Guess I'll just have to open up one of my own. Who's with me!

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