Redbox revealed that 57 percent of the movies it rents out are scary.

That got us talking about freaky or funny things that happen to you while watching scary movies.

One listener was watching a scary movie (one of those movies with the hockey-masked Jason character) when she went into labor, delivering her son on Halloween.

Another listener was watching The Ring when her phone that was in her hand started ringing. She was afraid to answer it, so she made her sister answer. It was her mom doing the scary voice from the movie. Her sister freaked out! Sounds like something I would do to my kids.

My fear is Michael Myers from the "Halloween" movies. I can't walk past the mask in the stores, he freaks me out so much. Thankfully, nothing freaky has happened to me, but with pranksters in my family anything is possible.

Has something funny or freaky happened to you while watching a scary movie?