Did You Know Richard Sherman's Wife Owns a Nail Salon in Renton, WA?

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It is been a long time since Richard Sherman played for the Seattle Seahawks NFL football team. All Seahawks fans can remember when we used to cheer on Sherman when he was a part of the Seattle Seahawks dream team including Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin, and Marshawn Lynch. Remember when we all used to call Marshawn "Beastmode", affectionately? He made Skittles cool again. I'm talking about the candy, not anything else named Skittles.

a bag of lime skittles
John Riggs

Even though Richard Sherman left the Seahawks years ago, his wife, Ashley Moss, still happens to own a nail salon in Renton, Washington. Did you know this?

The name of Ashley Massey Salon is called US Nails. It is located at 17650 140th Ave SE, in Renton, not "Denton" as this goofy article here mentioned. The article was obviously written by someone who is not from Washington state or a resident.

If you check out the US Nails Instagram pager here you'll be able to see some of the photos from Ashley's slime from their Instagram page. It looks like the kind of salon I would walk into and feel right at home inside period I've been meaning to get my nails done anyway for a while and I've been wanting to go back to Renton because I love shopping there. My favorite place to go shopping in Renton is at The Landing. They have all kinds of shopping places like Target, a wine bar, a Five Guys Burgers, and a movie theater.

I'm looking forward to the next time I get to go to Renton so that I can check out US Nail Salon owned by Richard Sherman's wife Ashley Moss.

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