I just read that a bride and groom got photobombed by award-winning actor and director Denzel Washington on their big day.

A voice inside my head is telling me:

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Heck yes, I am jealous! Denzel is my JAM. A few weeks back I did a rewatch of some old Denzel movies, and boy is he one of the acting greats or WHAT?! Look at this pic! I would have screamed if Denzel photobombed ANY of my photos, let alone one on my wedding day.

Denzel Washington Photobombs Newlyweds
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What's a gal gotta do to get a Denzel Washington spotting here in Central Washington? Hey, do you remember that time in the early 2000s when Denzel Washington was spotted in Seattle near Capitol Hill? He was in town meeting up with screenplay writer August Wilson, who was interested in casting him in a movie he was working on at the time.

Another Washington state connection we have with Denzel is actress and musician, Sheila Houlahan. She auditioned and won a role working next to Denzel on the HBO Max hit, Little Things. If you know Sheila personally, that makes you ONE degree away from Denzel. And then if I get to know you, then I would be TWO degrees away from Denzel. Make sure you let me know if Sheila can hook me up with a chance meeting with Denzel. Let me know in advance so that I can prepare my best outfit and weave to be ready to go on a moment's notice!

Denzel, his wife, Paula, and 'nem are very philanthropic people, which I admire about them. They have given some of their millions away to HBCUs, including Wiley College, as well as donating millions to charities like the Fisher House Foundation, where they recently served on the Board of Trustees. Maybe we could pitch a local Washington state charity they could donate to? I have plenty here that I'd recommend!

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I saw the funniest story today, that Denzel & Paula's famous son, actor John David Washington, ended up moving back home to their house in Los Angeles because of COVID-19. I don't know why he would move back home as a man in his mid-30's but who am I to judge? He's probably saving himself a crapton of money by living at home!

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Honestly, I really can't say sh*t about John David Washington moving back home to his parent's house because I did the same thing when I was 25, after living on my own for 6 years. My dad made me pay all of his rent when I moved back home though, don't think I had it so easy. Neither does John David have it so easy because he let it slip that he still has to do his chores in his parents' house.

"Yes, there was a chore or two. My chore was to make sure I'm down for dinner in time," John David told Jimmy Kimmel on TV last September.

I bet Denzel Washington's house is a mansion though, so Denzel and Paula probably don't run into John David that much except for supper...I sure do wish I could get an invite to the Washington family home for dinner. I'd probably faint when they answer the door though, all embarrasing-like.

If I ever get invited to have a meal with Denzel Washington and his family, I would probably be fangirling so hard at the dinner table that they'd have to call one of my friends to come pick me up and take me home. I'd be sent away with the quickness like Fantasia Barrino being ushered off stage left. I'd be a hot mess! Denzel, I luv you, man!

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