October 11 was a gorgeous day and, to make it brighter to a few local area food banks, we stopped by the lend a helping hand to help out these places in need.

Our first stop was the Yakima Veterans Support Group on Lincoln. I love stopping by here as they're always so friendly and gracious. They even awarded us plaques! They didn't need to, but we humbly accepted.


Then it was to the YWCA. Always a somber feeling walking those halls as the YWCA is a beacon of hope to many women and their children in a dire time of need. It's our pleasure to help them out.


Then it was on to Rod's House which is a home (not just a house) to help Yakima youth get off the streets and help the community, find employment and help them in other needs. I love these guys!


Selah Food Bank was also involved in 10 Deeds in 10 Days but it must've been handled before I headed out to help. Always a great cause.

Every location was granted a lot of food and $5,000 in cash and gift cards thanks to the generosity of this wonderful community. It's one thing to donate a dollar or a can of food and forget about it, but it's in situations like today where I was able to actually see first-hand where it's going, it's more than a worthy cause.

Huge thanks to the team at Bill Harris, especially Mr and Mrs Harris, for all the time they spent helping out this cause and a thank you to anyone who donated along the way.