My friends were lamenting this morning that they might never taste another Blizzard ever again.

Good news for us is that while Dairy Queen is closing some locations around Texas, none around here are affected. The company that runs the Dairy Queens around the Southwest is filing for bankruptcy in hopes of saving jobs and keeping several of the locations open. Again: Around Texas, not here.

Yakima and our surrounding locations should be safe.

You can imagine my shock when I woke up this morning when a few of my friends shared this post on Facebook.

I had to read into it more. As it turns out, all my friends who shared it were from Texas and this company only operates the Dairy Queen stores Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Again, Yakima is safe from this so, please, enjoy your Dilly Bar or Peanut Buster Parfait and rest easy that, although sad to see our friends in Texas suffer from this loss, they're more than welcome to visit our locations in the Northwest.

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