A memorial service was held for Craig Mack who died from heart failure on March 12. The ceremony was held at the Faith Baptist Church in Long Island, N.Y., on Wednesday (March 28). Although the service was open to friends and family, none of his industry friends showed up, according to DJ Scratch.

The famed EPMD DJ went on his Instagram page and shared a photo of the program from the service. In the caption, he writes, "I’ve never been to a service for someone famous & I was the only famous person to show up. Very weird day today, but what puts a smile on my face is that Lil Bro was at peace way before he passed away. That’s what matters most to me. [Rest in peace] Craig Mack."

According to Revolt TV, Mack's former manager and business partner Alvin Toney organized the service along with his current business associates. Among the mourners in attendance were former Bad Boy executive June Balloon and DJs Curt Flirt and Scratch.

During the service, DJ Scratch gave testimony about Mack and shockingly revealed to attendees that the late rapper was bullied by the industry. Despite people's mistreatment of him, Scratch said Mack had plenty of resolve.

"The people that grew up with you never look at you the same way your fans view you," Scratch told mourners. "Craig was the guy that everybody bullied. Everybody bullied Craig Mack. I didn't understand why they treated him like that."

"I seen that man go through a lot of bad treatment from those who were supposed to be his friends," he continued. "Before Bad Boy, after Bad Boy, he was the first person I've ever seen in life get treated the way he got treated by his own people and never ever talked bad about any of them. Craig taught me restraint."

June Balloon, a former Bad Boy executive, also saluted Mack for "starting a new era in music" and remembered him as a genuine human being.

"He's just a great person, a brother to me, family," he said. "To this day, that's my brother. [A] great family person. He was a New Yorker, [a] Long Islander, [a] trendsetter. He didn't do shiny suits. Only thing shiny was the sheen on his 'fro."

Meanwhile, fans on Twitter have voiced their disappointment in the lack of celebrities showing up to pay their respects to arguably a rap legend.

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