My parents were big fans of Chaka Khan when I was growing up as a baby in the late 1970s. Along with singers like Stevie Wonder, The 5th Dimension and Stephanie Mills, they would play Chaka and Rufus featuring Chaka Khan albums, on the huge brown and black record player in our living room. I can recall being a toddler and warbling along to "I'm Every Woman" and "Sweet Thing" as loudly as my tiny voice could muster.

My mom is to this day is still one of Chaka Khan's biggest fans (especially because of her trademark luxuriously big hair and powerful vocals) so I guess I had better tell Mom that Chaka has two new songs she needs to listen to immediately!

The first one is called, "Like Sugar" and it's the first song Chaka has put out in over a decade. It has a very '70s funk vibe, and as I listen to it, I transport myself back to the late 1990s when I used to wear this incredible shiny silver bell-bottom jumpsuit that I found in a thrift store. I can picture myself dancing and getting my groove on at Johnny Jackson's Soul Satisfaction club (which played every 1970s song imaginable). If "Like Sugar" had been a song from the 1970s, it would have been played here in Yakima, probably at The Corral Strip Club, which is no longer around, or at the Lotus Room at Golden Wheel Restaurant (9 S. First St).!

Like Sugar is featured on the latest Target commercial, too!

The second amazing jam that Chaka Khan has released out into the universe is a track produced by Quincy Jones and Mark Ronson, called "Keep Reachin". The new jam is included in the new documentary on Netflix about Quincy Jones, and it is directed by his daughter, actress Rashida Jones.

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