People are canceling their gender reveal parties, kids birthday parties, prom...but it's leading us to use technology in new Zoom meetings and Facebook messenger.

It's emotional. I know what it's like to have to cancel party plans for life's hugest milestones.

My daughter, Willow, just turned 9 less than three weeks ago and we were planning on throwing her a glow-in-the-dark roller skating party with a few of her besties. She was devastated that her party plans had to be canceled because of the coronavirus outbreak. So what I did was hop on my Facebook page and ask everyone to record a video of themselves and their kids singing happy birthday song to her (see below).

At one point, Willow cried a few tears because she was so touched by the different friends who recorded song messages with their kids. It was so sweet. How much you wanna bet she will never forget her 9th birthday "party" for as long as she lives!

Some people are turning to having virtual prom parties on Zoom, TikTok messages to their family and friends, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone planned a virtual family reunion one day soon!

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