Typically, a film’s success at the box office reveals a lot about its future. The better a movie does, the more likely we’ll see a sequel or franchise. But every now and then, a great movie comes along that just tanks in theaters. It can be due to bad marketing, or other times it’s simply lost in a sea of movies in the same genre. Either way, sometimes a gem of a movie slips through the cracks, ultimately losing all chances of hope (and in some cases, millions of dollars).

However, there is hope for these movies — they can be reborn as cult classics. What exactly is a cult classic? Basically, it’s a movie that has an extremely passionate and dedicated fanbase, usually developed years after its release. Here are 12 beloved films that once started out as box-office flops, but have since gained legendary cult film status.

12 Box Office Bombs That Became Cult Hits

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