Sometimes it happens when you are minding your business looking for a possible romance on a dating app and you run across one of your friend's spouses. Yikes! Said spouse might note in their dating bio that they are "in a non monogamous relationship", as I have seen lately, or they might not say anything at all about being married. No matter where you reside in the Pacific Northwest, whether you live in Washington state, Oregon, or Idaho, you can and will see this happening, so be aware.

A study done by the Ashley Madison website which is notorious for people seeking hookups outside their relationships, revealed that the state of Idaho has a seemingly high number of cheating mates. The city of Boise, in fact, made the top 10 list of cities in the country for this sort of hanky panky!

I wonder what it is about Boise that makes sneaking around so easy and prevalent. Could it be that it's a college town? Perhaps it's because Idaho is a sparsely populated state which makes it simple to drive over the border from another state and get a private hotel room?

It might be a good idea for you to stay away from Boise lest you find yourself on the next episode of Cheaters or Maury Povich!

I have never been to Boise for sightseeing but according to this list of 25 Best Things to Do in Boise, Idaho, maybe it's the lure of traveling to the Boise zoo, aquarium, or even the draw of all those dang tasty Idaho potatoes that makes secret lovers feel so randy!


If you are cheating on your lovah and don't want to come home to find all your stuff aflame in a car like that man did in the movie, Waiting to Exhale, you better stay away from Boise, Idaho! Don't say I didn't warn you. Ha!


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