Beyonce bared her soul and told the world that when she gave birth to her adorable twins, Rumi and Sir, her life and the babies' lives were in danger. She had to get an emergency C-Section, and that experience was quite traumatic.

As soon as I saw the word, I just
knew that a bunch of people would collectively scratch their heads in confusion and soon be asking the question, "WHAT IS A FUPA?"

You can head over to urban dictionary for a more N.S.F.W. in-depth description, but I am here to tell you that MEN have it and yes, WOMEN do, too! You likely have one as you are sitting here reading this right now, that is, unless you have something resembling a six-pack of abs, you lucky dog!

My understanding is that FUPA means "Fat upper pubic area". You know, that little bit of tummy gut that flops around and jiggles if you touch it or jump around.

In my case, when your 7-year old daughter pokes it and asks "Mommy, are you pregnant?"

This video is NSFW!

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